Take the Stress Out of How to Lose Weight at Home

how to lose weight at home

According to the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA), a third of the adult population in the U.S., about 78.6 million adults, has problems with their weight. Not only does this data provide an insight into the number of people with weight-related problems, but it also reflects the approximate number of people who have tried losing weight at some point in their lives, who have failed and who have given up on it.

Excess weight has been correlated with various illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases and certain forms of cancer. The need to shed those extra pounds is pressing. While people are aware of it, most people are incapable of losing weight – at least in part due to impatience. It requires a lot of time and effort to achieve one's ideal weight, and frustration can lead to failure to meet one's weight goals.

Losing Weight Is Challenging but Doable

Before attempting to embark upon the journey of weight loss, one has to realize that though there are some hurdles and difficulties involved, it is doable, as demonstrated by numerous success stories.

While popular opinion, particularly that which is perpetrated by the mass media, dictates that only medically assisted weight-loss programs are successful, the truth is, weight loss at home through various home weight loss techniques, is possible.

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Home Remedies to Lose Weight

Weight loss can be achieved in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Here are some tips on how to lose weight at home.

healthy diet to lose weight at home

Be mindful of the quality not the quantity of food.

Weight gain is not necessarily due to the amount of food consumed. You need not deprive yourself of food to lose weight. In fact, hunger pangs and cravings resulting from depriving oneself of food are two of the main factors leading to giving up on home weight-loss programs. Instead of limiting food intake, be mindful of what you eat. Certain foods, such as those containing highly refined starch and sources of simple sugars, tend to cause weight gain more than others. Opt for high fiber, complex carbohydrate sources such as vegetables and fruits, and load up on protein such as meat and beans. Eating the right kinds of food allows you to eat as much as you like without feeling guilty about it and gaining weight.

Relieve yourself of stress.

Stress is a vital component of life and is an important aspect of our survival instinct. However, being constantly subjected to stress can interfere with the natural processes and meddle with normal metabolic processes. Scientists have discovered that constant stress, coupled with indulgent eating to relieve stress, is a popular cause of obesity. While a stressful situation cannot be avoided, it is best to limit our exposure to them as much as possible. It would also be helpful if one would learn methods to cope with stress.

Engage in regular exercise.

Perhaps the most important part of any home remedy to lose weight is to engage in regular exercise. Of all home remedies to lose weight, exercise provides some benefits other than just simply losing weight including stress relief, muscle gain (which improves one's metabolism), and improved cardiovascular health, among others. You should decide to include exercise in your regular daily routine rather than just doing it for the sole purpose of losing weight. Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, even something simple like walking on a treadmill, is a must if you want to lose weight, and if you want to keep yourself at an ideal weight.

drink water to lose weight at home

Be well hydrated.

Experts believe that fat cells produce toxins that not only harm the body but also affects one's weight-loss efforts. Drinking lots of fluids helps flush these toxins out of the body. Additionally, drinking water before a meal helps one feel full faster.

Minimize distractions and temptations.

To limit your intake of foods that are more likely to make you gain weight (as mentioned above), you have to keep them out of sight to eliminate temptations. Rearrange your food storage to hide those foods from your immediate view – out of sight, out of mind. Some also find it helpful to brush and floss your teeth immediately after a meal as this is found to minimize or remove food cravings.

Embrace lifestyle change.

Ultimately, realize that losing weight is not the end-goal of every at home weight-loss program —keeping oneself at an ideal weight for good is the blue ribbon. You may lose weight by following the tips to lose weight at home outlined here, but your efforts will be futile if you don't sustain it. Chances are, with the same lifestyle that brought you to your current weight, you're more likely to gain weight over time—or worse, suffer the health consequences of it. Any at-home weight loss program must be fully incorporated into your lifestyle to fully appreciate the benefits of it.

Share your weight-loss plans and goals with your family.

Weight loss at home can be made much more efficient if you share your plans and goals with your family. That way, they understand the change in your diet or lifestyle and can do their part to support you in achieving your goals.

Some Final Thoughts

These tips on how to lose weight at home can be the most productive ways to lose weight. Any weight-loss program that has the potential to deliver results need not be stressful. It should make things easy, with minimal or no discomfort, and should produce results. While this sounds ideal, as was previously mentioned, it is highly doable, and the results are real. Over time, as you see results, and as you acclimatize to your new lifestyle, you'll learn to love and appreciate it more and more.

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