5 Best Jump Ropes for Working Out

Best Jump Ropes For Working Out Reviews
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Getting fit has never been more fun than when jumping a rope, and this is because this schoolyard favorite is proven to be one of the most effective ways to get your heart rate going and increase both your resistance and coordination, as well as being a top rated leg sculptor. Another impressive aspect of rope jumping is how you can do it even in limited spaces, leaving you no excuse for not building a structured skipping workout and reap all of its benefits.

This cheap, fun and creative activity can turn into a powerful fat-blasting workout, focusing all your strength into the lower leg muscles and making a great calf workout to tone and prevent injuries, with the constant jumping around building a quick and steady heartbeat that works wonders for your cardiorespiratory system, the same way a fast-paced walk or a light jog would.

To help you choose from all the ropes in the fitness market, we’ve picked the 5 best jump ropes for working out that will add that extra fun and hard work to your routine.

Best Workout Jump Ropes - Comparison Table

Best Jump Rope Reviews

1. Limm Jump Rope

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If you’re looking for a strong, comfortable and budget-friendly rope, then you found it. This one is great because no matter your fitness level, what you want in a rope is a long-lasting material that will keep your workout safe and that will stand the wear of time and continuous use.

Another great thing about this rope is its easily adjustable mechanism, letting you shorten the length of your rope to better suit your height and expertise. It also comes with ergonomic handles to keep your grip strong and steady, and its premium ball bearing guarantees a smooth, tangle-free spin for both safety and a steady, uninterrupted workout.

This rope is great for both beginners and experienced jumpers, and its strong, long-lasting quality will let you get better and better at jumping the ropes and experimenting different moves and speeds to improve your workout.

2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Make your jumps fly by with this fantastic speed jump rope, made out of resistant and extra lightweight materials to ensure high speed and good momentum for every jump. Ropes like these are ideal for high-intensity training, specially made for boxing training and more advanced fitness levels, so if you’re working your way up in the jump ladder and are looking for a challenge, this is right for you.

This rope comes inside a carrier bag in which you can find spare parts for pretty much the whole rope, including an extra cable and spare ball bearings, which make your jump smooth and help you recover faster when you miss a spin. It also comes available in various colors for all preferences, being the ideal rope for boxers, martial artists and just about anyone who wants a good workout out of a great rope.

Use this rope for singles, doubles and triple unders to maximize your workout and make the most out of your jumping experience.

3. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Survival And Cross Jump Rope

Another excellent option for boxing and martial arts training, this rope is built for speed and long cardio workouts. With ropes like this, you can truly improve any 10-minute warm up and turn it into a full-out 30-minute cardio circuit to burn fat, raise your heartbeat and tone your muscles.

This rope is aerodynamic, making every spin fly by and working perfectly for basic jumps that focus on speed, and on gaining enough consistency to pave the way for different jumps and longer and harder routines. It may not come with any spare parts like other ropes in the market, but this one does the trick of giving you a nice workout just fine.

Super light and portable, this is the ultimate travel workout equipment to quickly stuff in your bag in case you want a short session anywhere you go.

4. Fitness Factor Adjustable Rope

Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

Being able to adjust a rope is not only essential to make it accessible for anyone, but also because it can prevent accidents on any fitness level, which is why Fitness Factor focuses on making this an important feature for all their ropes.

This one, in particular, is made out of durable materials both on the rope itself and on the handles, which come in an ergonomic presentation for a comfortable and steady grip. This rope is more focused towards traditional cardio training, so it may not be what athletes like boxers or fighters may look for, but it certainly is a great product for those who want to introduce skipping rope into their cardio routines.

Perfect for men, women, and children, this rope looks great and feels even better with the solid but lightweight of its ball bearings and the sturdy, long-lasting materials it’s made out of, putting health and wellbeing within everybody’s reach.

5. Pulse Weighted Jump Rope

Weighted Jump Rope By Pulse

If you want to boost your HIIT and cardio routine to a whole new level, try out this weighted jump rope by Pulse, which will have you sweating and loving every second of your workout.

Weighted ropes are great for many reasons, the first one being that the extra weight will make you work harder on each spin, increasing your strength and coordination. On the other hand, the weighted handles will keep your shoulders, biceps, triceps and upper back tight and toned from all that extra work.

This jump rope comes with ergonomic, sweat-proof handles that count with a removable 1lb weight on the inside, and with a slightly heavier than average rope that adds just a little bit of extra weight and prevents tangling. This is indeed a high-quality product made to last and take your workout to new limits.

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WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope 2

Among the awesome benefits of skipping rope, you can find:

•    Prevention of injuries: the strengthening of your ankles and lower leg muscles is a key step to fend off lesions, given that this area, along with the knees, is especially prone to injury and wear.

•     A boost to your workout: adding 10 to 15 minutes of jump rope to your circuit training, HIIT, cardio or strength workout gets you that extra boost where your body starts to torch stored calories, making it an ideal bonus if you’re looking to lose weight.

•    It’s cheap and you can do it anywhere: you can get a jump rope any time of the year for under $25, and because of how little space it takes compared to, say, a set of weights or a treadmill, you can take it anywhere with you and squeeze in a short workout, be it at the gym, the park or even on holiday.

Types of Jumping Ropes

Not all jumping ropes are made the same, so keep in mind before getting into skipping that the rope you need depends on your fitness level and jumping skills, so take a look at two basic types of jumping ropes before getting your own:

•    Speed jump rope: made out of thin vinyl, these ropes are aimed at boxers or athletes in training, given that they can spin considerably faster than those made out of heavier materials, offering a great cardio and endurance workout.

•    Leather jump rope: these are slightly heavier and thicker than their vinyl counterparts, and usually come with weighted handles to add a small but significant push to your regular workout. You won’t get the same speed, but you’ll definitely feel that burn on your muscles.


Now that you’re clear on just how good a jumping rope is for you, it’s time to get one.

Use any of these jump ropes to construct a new exercise routine that will improve your workout experience and add that little extra push you need to reach your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

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