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How Long Should a Jump Rope Be? Find the Perfect Length

by ShaRhanda R. Bynum
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Jumping rope is not always as easy as taking a rope and starting to skip. Many people forget an intermediate step that, if not executed, could make it uncomfortable to skip or could even cause injury! That step is, of course, sizing a jump rope.

A correctly sized jump rope is a critical component of an enjoyable workout, and following the tips below will only enhance your skipping experience. Jump rope length and sizing may not seem important, but it makes it much easier for a beginner to get into the action if nothing is obstructing their experience.

Different people jump rope for different reasons (increasing speed, tricks, etc.), and the best sizing method for you will depend on why you are jumping rope in the first place. In this article, we will be looking at the different objectives and providing the best sizing method for each.


If you are a beginner, speed is not the ultimate objective for you, and you should use a longer rope. Using a longer rope slows you down and allows you to concentrate on your form without having to worry about timing.


Stand on the rope with both feet in the middle of the cord. Pull the bottom of the rope handles to your armpits.

Jump Rope Size


If you are skipping rope to get fitter or as part of your workout, you are probably aiming for maximum speed. However, most people who jump rope for this purpose keep their rope too long, which slows them down significantly and reduces the intensity of their workout.

Keeping your rope short allows you to skip faster and put less effort into swinging your rope.


Size the rope in a manner that when it clears your head, the cord should be about 6 to 10 inches above it.


If you are all about speed and control, you will need to keep your rope as short as possible to allow you to maximize your speed but not short enough to trip you when jumping.


The rope should pass between 2 and 6 inches over your head at its apex.

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Jump rope tricks are all about making sure that the handles are in the right place at the right time. To do this, you need to have maximum control over your rope, even at the expense of speed. If you are doing tricks, you will need to extend the cord as much as possible.

However, at more advanced levels, you will often see competitive jumpers have the rope passing just above their heads, so do not take this advice as gospel.


The rope passes between 12 and 24 inches over your head when jumping.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all the information we have on jump rope sizing. Look up the section most relevant to know, and you can tell whether you are already sizing your rope correctly or you need to improve on your method.

Happy skipping!

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