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Suffering from blisters on your hands? Maybe you’re just tired of buying generic gloves from the supermarket every two weeks. There are many CrossFit gloves on the market, and it can be really hard to know if they’re any good.

I’ve done the hard work for you and reviewed what I feel to be the best on offer! Here’s my list of the five best gloves for CrossFit along with how they’re going to benefit you and how they will help you get a better workout and a better body.

Top-Rated CrossFit Gloves - Comparison Table

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Best Gloves for CrossFit Reviews

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If they look cool, that’s because they are! These gloves give you some serious grip. Their construction will adapt to the natural curving of your hands and include terry cloth pads inside to combat your perspiration.

Using the much-lauded Cool-On plastic fabric, they’re much more effective than your normal training gloves. It works by drawing moisture away from your body and into the air.

The bottom line is you don’t end up with a soggy pair of gloves like you usually would. You’ll also end up with fewer blisters, if any at all.

Because fungi and bacteria like warm wet places to breed, the gloves also come with an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent any infections.

The padding is also very comfortable, and you can have a serious gym session without ever having to take them off. This is awesome for any cross trainers who are sick of their hands being shredded.

For the best results, you want to give them a little bit of a stretch daily. This means that if you’re unsure about whether to buy a medium or small, for example, it might be worth opting for the small to get a better fit.

Special Features

The Bionic PerformanceGrip Full Finger Fitness Gloves are certainly among the best gloves for CrossFit, if not THE best. It’s hard to find fault with a product where the manufacturer has gone out of their way to eliminate all the usual and common problems found when wearing regular gloves.

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Let’s be honest. You train to get a nice body so you can look like a badass, right? This pair of gloves will only enhance that look and more! This piece of gear was made for a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

Their design includes mesh cloth to make it feel like wearing silk gloves, as well as letting your hands breath more.

It’s really easy to get calluses on your hands when lifting or training in general and these gloves are excellent at preventing that. They also come very highly recommended, and usually fit the hand perfectly, without being too tight or too loose.

Another usual feature is the terry cloth on the back of the thumb. Really useful for wiping your forehead without taking your gloves off and minimizing the messing about that can come with that.

Special Features

Looking at the iiSPORT CrossFit Training Gloves, they are a nifty pair of gloves indeed. With an improved grip, they’re ideal for nearly any type of training you want to do.

They’re easy to slip your fingers into, feel soft on the inside and just make a work out that much more of a better experience.

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The first thing you notice about this pair is the intricate design on the palm side. It looks like a series of interconnecting spider webs.

It’s not just beautiful to look at though, it’s actually how the gloves enhance your comfort and give you a better grip, letting you train for longer with fewer distractions.

It’s easy to see how the gloves let your hands breath and the focus is on where your hands will be connecting with your weights or bars and making sure you get the best protection where it’s needed.

Using extra leather and silicone padding, they will last you a long time, and you’ll wonder how you managed before you owned a pair!

They’re excellent for pullup and monkey bar workouts, and the padding means you won’t get any discomfort from your reps. If you’re working on rope climbs, kettle bell swings, monkey bars, or pull ups they are an excellent choice for those too.

Special Features

The Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves are unique among the five selected for you. At first glance, you might mistake them for a gimmick or for amateurs, but you’d be wrong. A very stylish and practical pair of gloves.

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For the Vikings among you, you can now own your very own pair of Nordic lifting gloves, to go along with your awesome braided beard!

Coming in a variety of sizes, these gloves are built with premium-quality leather and reinforced stitching – something your hands will thank you for during and after your workout.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, these gloves will give you the enhanced grip you need and supple hand and wrist protection.

The different sizes cater for all people, whether delicately handed or a burly ham fist. The integrated wrist protection will minimize injuries and strain and allow you to concentrate on bulking up, or toning.

Special Features

There’s plenty of reasons why the Nordic Lifting Cross Training Gloves come highly recommended. They’re durable, comfortable, perfect for any workout regime and very cost effective, as they will last you many times longer than generic gloves.

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Are you looking for a really heavy duty pair of gloves? This pair of gloves really does the job. Made from a strong yet soft leather, the grip you can get from these is unmatched.

If you’ve ever struggled to work out because your hands are too tired and/or don’t give you enough grip, these babies will prop you up so you can continue training as long as your muscles can stand it.

Designed to give you a close fit yet not being restrictive in your movement, you’ll be able to do more reps, lift heavier weights, and attain your goals sooner.

Special Features

The Crown Gear CrossFit Training Gloves make a fine addition to anybody’s gym gear. They’re sturdy, smart and reliable. They feel really great on the hands and will last a long time, so you don’t need to worry about a wasted purchase/having to buy a new pair every month.

Buyer's Guide

Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves BgSo, there are five of the latest and greatest CrossFit training gloves I could find. There are many similarities between them which can make it hard to choose. Any one of them could be considered the best CrossFit gloves for your collection.

With that said, everybody’s different, and there are a few things you should consider before you decide which pair is going to become your gym partner.

What’s Best For You

What type of training are you going to be doing? Are you a novice? Have you had loads of different pairs of gloves in the past and you’re looking for something new?

Or maybe you already have a favorite pair of gloves from your past, and you’re looking for something that will be a match, or perhaps an even better pair.

Having a quick think about these areas will help you to choose the best gear for yourself and make sure you can attain your goals with a helpful set of CrossFit gloves, rather than being hindered by them.


Another thing to consider is the make, design and look of the gloves. It might not affect you, but plenty of people have been put off their workout by equipment that makes them look silly or just isn’t a good fit.

Do you have any special requirements for medical reasons or maybe you just have huge hands? The reviews try to highlight the best of each item, but also what makes them stand out.


Some of these CrossFit gloves cost more than the others. You always expect that with branded gloves, but are they any better and are they actually the right gloves for you?

Nordic Lifting Cross Training Gloves BgThis list is designed to give you a good choice no matter what background you’re coming from, whether you’re a beginner or a fitness celebrity. Ideally, you’d be buying the pair of gloves that you consider to be the best gloves for CrossFit, regardless of the price.

If money is an issue, though, then as long as the gloves meet the requirements of your work out then it should be a safe buy.

Final Thoughts

As somebody who only buys something that I need, I consider CrossFit gloves to be something that I have to have. The elimination of blisters and the ability to train for longer mean that I’m saving time and can actually concentrate on my workout without annoying distractions.

Once you own a pair, you’ll never go without.

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