Limm Jump Rope: Product Review & Buyer’s Guide

Limm Jump Rope Product Review
Limm Jumping Rope

The problem with going to the gym is that many us find it way too boring to spend one or two hours daily lifting weights. Why can’t there be a way we can exercise from home while having fun?

Except, there are tons of ways we can do that! Whether you buy a treadmill and place it right in front of your television or install a personal swimming pool in your backyard, there are several ways to make exercising much more enjoyable without sacrificing efficiency.

One of these ways, which we will be looking at more closely today, is skipping. Skipping using a jump rope is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that will keep you fit and allow you to exercise at whatever time you prefer.

Today, we will be looking at the Limm jump rope – an excellent skipping rope you will quickly fall in love with. If you are wondering just how much difference there can be between two items so basic as jump ropes, worry not – you are about to find out.

A Detailed Review

The Limm jump rope is one of the best jump ropes you can get on the market. Limm has designed this product to be as easy and convenient to use as possible, and this is very clear when you take a closer look at the product.

Limm Skipping Rope

The Limm jump rope is completely adjustable, and you can change it from 9.8ft to your desired length in minutes. Anyone can use the rope regardless of age or experience level, although you probably should not give it to your toddler to exercise.

The rope’s unique ergonomic handles offer complete comfort and ventilation, reducing the chances of palm sweat. Even if you do sweat, both handles provide an excellent grip, and you will not find your hand slipping while skipping.

Transporting the rope is a breeze thanks to its low weight. You can easily take the rope with you even when you go for a trip, giving you the chance to exercise a little on the move.

Finally, Limm makes a statement by providing a 100% satisfaction-based money-back guarantee. If you do not like the rope, simply contact Limm at any time, and the company will give you all your money back. Limm has, in the past, made a name for itself for customer service, and it continues to do so – if you are buying a product from the company, rest assured you are buying from a company committed to making you happy.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Low weight
  • check
    Satisfaction-based money-back guarantee


  • Limm does not sell replacement cords

Buyer’s Guide

What are some things you need to consider before buying a jump rope? There isn’t that much variation between different jump ropes, and below are the key factors that make the difference between a usable skipping rope and an enjoyable one.

A good skipping rope should be adjustable to allow you to change its length conveniently. This makes it possible for the entire family to use a single jump rope, an impossible feat if you buy one that you cannot adjust.

Tangling is a major annoyance with jump ropes (or any cable, really), and a tangle-proof rope will save you a great deal of hassle. This also means you can use the rope at any time without worrying about spending time untangling it.

Ergonomic handles are a huge plus on any jump rope, ensuring that you can use the rope to its full potential. If you have ever used a skipping rope with uncomfortable handles, you probably know what we are talking about. Since you will probably sweat when exercising, an ergonomic handle makes it less likely that your rope will slip from your hand.

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Portability may not be a vital consideration for some people, but many buyers choose a skipping rope for its mobility. If you have a skipping rope and find it too inconvenient to move with it from place to place, your rope is pretty pointless.

Finally, any skipping rope you buy should have some level of durability. You definitely do not want to spend money on a jump rope that you expect to be using for the next few years and have it fall apart in weeks. Of course, any jump rope will break if you use it a lot, so you also do not expect to buy a rope that you will use throughout your life.

An official guarantee gives you proof that the company that you are buying from trusts its products, at least if you are buying from a well-known company that is unlikely to disappear and void your warranty.

You may have noticed that most of the factors we have talked about are relatively minor – this is because most jump ropes can satisfy their core function: skipping. However, not all skipping ropes are created equal, and we think you would rather buy one that you will enjoy using.  


The Limm jump rope is one of the best skipping ropes on the market, especially if you account for 100% money-back guarantee. We believe that this great jumping rope will fulfill all your needs and ensure you get your workout in, no matter what the case.

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