5 Best Exercise Mats on the Market

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If you work out at home, outside, or even in a gym you should definitely purchase your own exercise mat. A mat will help to protect you from getting cuts or scratches from the ground as well as keep you clean.

You should wash your exercise mat after every workout, and you will have a clean layer between you and the ground so you can have the best workout experience possible. A high-quality exercise mat is one of the best accessories that will never disappoint you.

They will last a long time with proper care and remain soft, durable, and comfortable. I have taken the time to look at some of the best products to narrow it down and tell you my top five of the best exercise mats.

Top 5 Exercise Mats - Comparison Table

Best Exercise Mat Reviews

1. SPRI Folding Exercise Mat

SPRI Folding Exercise Mat

SPRI is a big company offering you a wide variety of exercise mats. They have hanging, bifold, trifold, and standard roll up fitness mats. They even have ab mats to support your lower back while working on your core.

Obviously, they know what they are doing when it comes to exercise mats, so I am going to tell you about the Folding Exercise Mat which I believe to be their best.

Measuring 72-inches long, this is a large adult-sized exercise mat with a folding design that makes storage and transportation easy. It has a soft, plush top that does not irritate the skin when working out.

The padded design cushions the body while its large and versatile design can accommodate a wide range of body movements and exercises without losing its functionality.

You can use it do floor based exercises such as yoga or you can use it to do pushups, core strength, and other bodyweight exercises. It is also great to relax on while you catch your breath after a tiring workout routine.

All in all, this mat is durable, affordable, and comes with an instruction and care sheet to make it easy to perform proper cleaning and maintenance.

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

This is not a carry-around mat like others on this list, but it is an excellent product. I would highly recommend this for people who want to turn an extra room or garage into a mini home gym. This durable and comfortable mat can also be used by commercial gym owners as well.

This mat has a 12-end border to prevent it from untangling and separating while you are working out.

The ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat is made from soft and supportive water-resistant EVA foam which will cushion your body as well as protect your floors.

Spoga Premium Comfort Foam Mat

The Spoga Premium Comfort Foam Mat is a very portable mat that closely resembles a yoga mat. The comfort you will get with this exercise mat is amazing because of the 5/8-inch heavy duty foam.

At 71 inches, long it is very supportive and will enable people of all shapes and sizes enough space to exercise worry free. It has an easy to clean surface and a non-toxic and slip-resistant coating that will protect you from any accidents while you are working out.

Stamina Fold To Fit Folding Exercise Mat

As a very popular accessory, the Stamina Fold-to-Fit is a strong and durable 84-inch by 36-inch equipment mat designed to withstand constant abuse while in use.

It has an innovative closed shell construction and a well-made highly resilient design that will protect your flooring from all types of scuffs and unsightly blemishes when in use. This mat will be perfect for you if you own a rowing or elliptical machine and use it on an everyday basis.

It eliminates vibrations and the rattling sound that most of these machines generate allowing you to exercise comfortably in the comfort of your home.

 HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Exercise Mat

HemingWeigh is a 23-inch wide extra thick foam mat that is approximately 70-inches long. This mat is a highly sought after product because of the high quality. The exclusive foam used to manufacture this mat is of professional grade.

It supports a large amount of weight, does not crumble under pressure, and has a new and unique breathable construction that keeps the body as cool as possible.

This mat has an integrated strap system for easy transportation, a double-sided finish that protects the mat for years, and a non-slip surface grip that lowers the risk of slipping and injuries.

The HemingWeigh exercise mat is affordable and relatively easy to clean using water and soap.


In this article, I have given you five of the best exercise mats on the market right now.

There is such a wide variety of products that you must decide on what you will need to you’re your workout routine easier, safer, and more comfortable. For that reason, I listed five completely different styles so you can have more of an idea of what is available to you.

Remember the best mat will protect you from the ground, will not absorb moisture, and is slip-resistant.

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