9 Best Hot Yoga Mats and Towels That Can Handle Your Sweat!

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Hot Yoga is just that, yoga in a heated room - typically with the combination of heat and humidity. If the point of hot yoga befuddles you, fear not my friend; it is actually great for the body. Yoga poses all have therapeutic benefits, and while twisting, bending and holding poses in a heated room, your body detoxes through sweating.

It allows the heavy metals and chemicals you are exposed to daily to be eliminated from the body. The sweating occurs from the internal heat you are creating when giving each pose your all, physically and mentally. This video will give you a little visual overview of hot yoga.

The hot room immensely enhances that inner heat. Do not be the person who rejects the sweat! Embrace your sweat soaked body. It is the body ridding itself of the gunk we often carry around. Allow the rejuvenation process to occur, and if anything, just look forward to the cool shower afterward.

Sweating is great, and it never hurts to be prepared fully for your hot yoga sweat session. That extra moisture can create a pretty slick yoga practice if you do not have the proper hot yoga mat or hot yoga towel. These accessories can definitely make the sweat experience in hot yoga tolerable and even enjoyable. So allow me to introduce you to a few of the best yoga mats and the best yoga mat towels for hot yoga.

Best Hot Yoga Mats & Towels Comparison Table

Top Rated Hot Yoga Mats & Towels

1. YOGAZORB Hot Yoga Microfiber Towel

YOGAZORB Hot Yoga Microfiber Towel

The perk of this towel is its two-sided grip. It doesn’t sound that amazing, but trust me - that double-sided grip is essential. This helps keep the towel in place while you are transitioning into any of those warrior poses, where your feet have to be fully planted into the mat.

Nothing is more disruptive to a mindful, purposeful yoga practice than your towel bunching up on the mat or moving.

This hot yoga towel has a non-slip coating that is soft to the touch, not on one side, but yep, you guessed it, both sides. This is one of the best hot yoga mat towels because it covers the average yoga mat from corner to corner, and it’s made of a highly absorbent material which is key for a hot yoga mat towel.

This is a safe yoga mat towel for beginners and for all yogi levels. Hot yoga towel user, Yogazorb has your sweaty back.

2. The Combo Yoga Mat

The Combo Yoga Mat

Nothing screams best hot yoga mat and best hot yoga towel like a combo deal. You got it. The combo yoga mat is a hot yoga mat and a hot yoga towel all rolled into one awesome product. This saves you money and makes your yoga load lighter.

The combo hot yoga mat is designed to actually give you even better grip the more you sweat. Its super absorbent microfiber top layer comes in fun designs that do not fade after multiple washes. Pick a print that makes you smile and keeps you in a positive state of mind while you sweat wildly.

This hot yoga mat and hot yoga towel would be a great Bikram yoga mat. A towel and a grippy mat really can make you sweat and shine in your Bikram poses. Lastly, purchasing the combo mat allows you to help a worthy cause.

One dollar of every purchase is donated to yoga programs for urban youth that are in need of more funding. Now you can cultivate more peace in your hot yoga practice knowing you helped spread yoga to those in need.

3. Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

Gaiam Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

This hot yoga mat from Gaiam keeps it simple. It comes in three colors with the option of extra-long which is awesome for taller yogis. Why is it one of the best hot yoga mats? It is because of its cushioning.

Many yoga mats tend to be on the thinner side, but this is cushy and helps protect your joints with 5 millimeters of comfort.

This mat helps you have a secure and slip-resistant hot yoga sweat session while sealing out germs, bacteria, and odors. As the temperature rises in class internally and externally, this mat gives you better grip and wicks away moisture.

If you like it simple, lightweight, and effective, this is the best hot yoga mat for you.

4. Youphoria Yoga Towel

Youphoria Yoga Towel

A euphoric state is where you will remain when you own this hot yoga towel. This is a great towel for those heavy sweaters.

If you tend to pour out a bucket of sweat from your body in a typical workout with no heat, be honest, that sweat can only double in a hot yoga class on your hot yoga mat.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this hot yoga towel for peace of mind, knowing it will stay in place for the duration of your yoga class.

Its absorbency is so astonishing that the buckets of sweat pouring from your body will absorb right into your towel and wonderfully increase your grip in the process. You will never have to worry your puddle of sweat will leak into your neighbor's space again. Now that is peace of mind.

5. NamaSTAY Exercise Fitness Yoga Towel

NamaSTAY Exercise Fitness Yoga Towel

If the idea of your towel being sweat-soaked and enhancing your grip creeps you out a bit, then this is the best hot yoga towel for you.

This hot yoga towel is actually known for its ability to stay dry during your practice even though you are sweating. The towel wicks away sweat with little slipping.

One of the cool features of this towel is that it has sleeves which actually fold under your mat to keep your hot yoga towel from moving at all. You will not have to hold back with this hot yoga towel because bunching will not be an issue. Now release a sigh of sweaty relief.

6. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

The price point of this towel is shockingly inexpensive. This is a great hot yoga mat towel for that reason alone. It is affordable and is the best yoga mat towel for beginners due to the low-cost commitment. This hot yoga mat towel is long and wide and covers your entire mat with ease. Buy two of these and you can easily have one readily available while the other is in the wash.

Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

Another wise tip I will add about this inexpensive hot yoga towel is skipping the mat completely and having a slip free hot mat towel to cover the free mats offered at most yoga studios.

This towel is easy on your pocketbook and gets better gripping when wet, so it’s recommended that you give it a spray of water before you start class if it takes you a little while to work up a sweat.

You will be smooth yoga sailing knowing you have a hygienic layer between you and the free studio mats offered to the public.

7. Aurorae Synergy 5mm Thick Yoga Mat

Aurorae Synergy 5 mm Thick Yoga Mat

This combines a hot yoga mat towel and hot yoga mat synergistically. Aurorae wisely decided to bond a 5mm yoga mat bottom to a non-slip, ‘better grip the more you sweat’ microfiber towel top.

You get the soft protection for your joints with the thickness of the mat and a towel that does not slip, bunch or move because the pieces are one.

Of course, I must mention the obvious savings due to not having to buy a hot yoga towel and hot yoga mat separately.

This is one of the best hot yoga mats because it allows you to focus only on your practice and not rearranging and fidgeting with your towel. And as a bonus, it absorbs buckets of all your sweat with grace and ease and is odorless after several uses. Win!

8. Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel

This hot yoga towel is definitely for the yogis who pride themselves on buying eco-friendly merchandise.

Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat Size Yoga Towel

Known for using no less than 8 tossed away recycled bottles, so they do not rot in a landfill, that makes it not only one of the best hot yoga towels but a worthwhile investment for Manduka’s reputation of caring for the environment. The nodules that make the towel grip your mat really help with keeping you slip free and at ease.

This hot yoga towel comes in multiple beautiful designs to cater to all types of yogis.

Yogitoes is frequently the brand of yoga mat towels you see in yoga studios. That should attest to its reputation as being one of the best yoga towels for hot yoga in class, at home or elsewhere.

9. Matymats Non-Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Matymats Non Slip TPE Yoga Mat

This makes the best yoga mat for hot yoga list because of its double layering and unique texture that actually allows for a smooth and focused practice.

Feel confident that your grip will be firm due the anti-grip pattern on both sides of the mat. It provides enough cushion to protect your joints during those floor poses but simultaneously is very absorbent for sweating.

One perk is its hypoallergenic material, and an additional perk - it comes with a carry bag and/or strap making it easy to transport to any of your fitness locations.


All in all, these nine products give you a nice variety to choose from for the best yoga mat and best yoga towel for hot yoga that best suits you and your yoga practice. The greatest thing about yoga is it is a very "you focused" practice.

Remember while you are sweating all over the place and getting deeper into your postures that everyone around you is focused on their yoga practice. They are not wondering about the smell of your hot yoga towel or mat, or the amount of sweat cascading off your body while your awesome yoga mat for hot yoga and/or towel is absorbing it all. They are trying to do the same thing as you which is sweating, breathing and accepting themselves that day for where they are in their yoga practice.

Happy Sweating!

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  1. Practiced in a heated and humidified room, hot yoga is a challenging practice that increases range of motion, endurance, and claims to help you “sweat it all out” after a night of one too many margaritas.


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