5 Reasons That Green Tea Benefits Weight Loss

green tea benefits weight loss

It is one of the oldest beverages on the planet, and it is also perhaps the healthiest known to mankind. Loaded with antioxidants and containing a light amount of caffeine, it is the perfect way to get energized in the morning and a great pick-me-up. However, new research is also proving that green tea benefits weight loss, meaning that there are more reasons to drink this beverage than you might have previously thought.

This nutrient-rich beverage supports weight loss for many different reasons, and exploring why it is so useful for your weight loss efforts – and how you can incorporate it into your diet plan – can go a long way toward helping you build a better body.

I think this is a pretty awesome video on the history and nutrition of green tea (which is considered by some to be a superfood):

Green Tea Benefits

1. Green Tea Contains Natural Substances That Support Fat Loss

green tea for weight loss

A cup of green tea contains many natural ingredients. It contains caffeine, of course, and caffeine itself is a natural stimulant that alone can help support fat loss. However, it does not provide the amount of caffeine that you would find in a cup of coffee. What it does contain in far greater amounts is antioxidants, specifically substances called catechins. These elements support the loss of fat in the body. In addition to losing the fat through drinking green tea directly, you can use green tea extract for weight loss. If you are wondering how much green tea for weight loss is needed, the recommendation is 1 ml of green tea extract for most individuals. This amount is the equivalent of about eight to ten cups of healthy green tea.

2. Green Tea Supports the Mobilization of Fat from Fat Cells

It is important to remember that you don’t just need to burn fat. To lose weight, you also need to move fat out of the fat cells and into the bloodstream, where it can be moved out of the body and used as energy in the muscles. This is something that green tea can help with and one of the biggest ways that green tea benefits weight loss. That’s because EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), one of the main antioxidants in green tea, inhibits an enzyme responsible for breaking down norepinephrine, a type of hormone in the body. This increases the body’s level of norepinephrine, which in turn signals the body to break down more fat and to flush it out of the cells.

3. Green Tea Increases the Amount of Fat You Burn

how much green tea for weight loss

Study after study has shown that green tea extract vastly increases the amount of fat that is burned, especially during exercise - in some cases by as much as 17%! However, it can increase fat burning during resting times as well, making it an important supplement for those who are looking to lose weight. While it won’t act as a “miracle” cure and requires you to put in the work and effort to lose weight by dieting and exercising in addition to using the green tea extract, weight loss with green tea can be just a little bit easier.

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4. Green Tea Helps Boost Your Metabolic Rate

Many people struggle with a slow metabolism, especially as they grow older. So it's nice to hear that with green tea, your metabolism can be increased. While again, it is not a miracle cure that can speed up your metabolism significantly, it is capable of boosting your metabolism enough to make burning calories easier and ensure that you are burning calories around the clock. Those who use green tea extract can expect to burn more calories per day than they would otherwise.

green tea metabolism

5. Green Tea Helps Reduce Your Appetite and Your Caloric Intake

Finally, one of the most significant ways that green tea benefits weight loss is that it can significantly help to reduce one’s appetite. Those who struggle with an overactive appetite, and find themselves eating more than is appropriate while attempting to lose weight, can benefit from using green tea extract. It can help to control their caloric intake considerably. Those who are looking for a way to reduce the amount they are eating will find that green tea extract can be an excellent way to help them reduce their appetite.


In the long run, green tea might not help you shed an enormous amount of weight, but it can be a helpful tool in assisting you in your efforts. Its healthy properties also mean that you will get other substantial benefits, as it has many other great features as well. There are many reasons to include green tea and green tea extract in your diet.

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