Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Should you buy the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5? Read our review to see if this is the best rowing machine for you.
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If you’ve been to a gym recently, you’ve probably come across or even used the Model D rowing machine from Concept2, one of the best-selling rowing machines on the market. It’s commercial-grade quality, features, and design make it a top choice for both fitness facilities and private home gyms.

The rowing machine’s seat heat is at 14 inches, which is suitable for most users. When assembled, the Model D takes up a slender floor space that is 8′ long by 2′ wide (244 cm x 61 cm). Meanwhile, storing the Model D will only take up 25” by 35” of floor space with a height of 54”.

The Model D is available in a powder coated finish of black or light gray. You’ll get a two-year warranty on all parts and five years on select components.

The Good

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 display

Here is why we love the Model D:

Solid Build

The Model D’s 500-pound user capacity and robust aluminum and steel frame keep this rowing machine a market favorite.

Excellent Data Control

The Model D’s Performance Monitor 5 (PM5) computer gives you numerous features for measuring and recording workout data and performance. Each stroke is accurately recorded, and data can be saved on a USB flash drive.

The PM5 is simple and user-friendly. You can monitor your performance real-time using the intervals feature, and keep track of your progress with the workout logbook. It also calculates drag factor so you’ll still get accurate performance measurements despite performance variables, like when you adjust the damper.

The rowing machine comes with a free ErgData app that can record and store workout data on your smartphone.

Workout Programs

The Model D gives you preset workout options – even games! – to choose from depending on your fitness goals.

Wireless Connectivity

The PM5 lets you connect with mobile apps or heart rate monitors via Bluetooth and ANT+.

Smooth Air-Resistance Strokes

Unlike the uniform feel of a magnetically-resisted stroke, the Model D’s air resistance flywheel feels smooth and natural.

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In less than a minute, you can separate this rowing machine into two pieces to maximize storage space and set it aside for storage.

Online Community and Resources

Although not necessarily a feature, Concept2’s online community where you can compare data, rankings, and participate in challenges can help you keep motivated.

You’ll also get a bevy of useful online resources that can help you with your workouts as well as utilize the features of the Model D to the full.

Quiet Operation

You won’t be waking anyone up with your early morning rowing. The Model D runs with minimal noise so you can focus on your workout without disturbing others.No preview available.

The Bad

Meanwhile, here are the features on the Model D that did not excite us as much:


At around 70 pounds, the Model D is no lightweight. Assembly or storage may be challenging for some.

Firm Seat

The seat on the Model D may be a bit too firm for some users. Thus, it can hinder one from using the machine for more extended periods. Consider a seat cushion to alleviate this problem.No preview available.

Backlit LCD

The small and basic display and software on the PM5 computer may be a deal breaker. You either love it or hate it. The backlit non-colored LCD feels somewhat outdated and out of place on such an innovative machine. Also, the software isn’t compatible with popular fitness wearables like Fitbit or Nike+ especially at its priceNo preview available.

Final Thoughts

The Concept2 has been a Reliable workout equipment brand for over 40 years and has an excellent track record for both private and commercial buyers. The Model D, in particular, is a true tried-and-tested product widely known and praised for its build quality and computer features.

It does not have any unnecessary bells and whistles as it gives you a low-impact yet high-intensity full-body workout. It also performs well when it comes to measuring performance as well as tracking and recording progress and other essential workout data.

On the other hand, you might want to consider other rowing machines if you’re looking for better compatibility with activity trackers and accessories. Also, you might want to get a variant with a longer monorail if you’re taller than 6’5”.

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