What Is the Best Suspension Trainer?

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Weight-lifting has dominated strength training for as long as we can remember. And for good reason – it’s effective, weights are easily adjusted, and we feel a sense of accomplishment after lifting massive weights for several repetitions.

But is it efficient? They take up space, essentially remain stationary and require us to keep purchasing new weights as we build strength.

Suspension trainers, on the other hand, are the exact opposite – they are portable, attach to a variety of areas and can usually be rolled to take up about as much space as a t-shirt. Even better, they work on resistance training – we build strength naturally because it works with our own bodies. No wonder the military and professional athletes love them!

If you’re not sure what suspension trainers are, or why you should even be considering them...check out this short video.

And we’ve got a list of the best suspension trainers for your personal use below.

Best Suspension Trainer Reviews

WOSS AttacK Trainer

An important aspect of military-grade construction is durability. The equipment utilized by our soldiers is subject to some of the most unforgiving conditions possible. And since we all know that outstretching is a top concern for suspension trainers, it’s important to dispel this one right away.

The WOSS Attack Trainer is designed for long-term results even with daily use and abuse. Even better, it’s designed to last in any environment. So, whether you have an exposed beam, pole, door or even tree to wrap the WOSS trainer around, it’ll continue to hold without complaint.

WOSS AttacK Trainer 2

The WOSS Attack Trainer is simple to use – that is, as far as learning curb goes. The design is largely self-explanatory, although it does include an information sheet detailing proper setting and offering a few tips for effective workouts.

The actual difficulty level depends on how much you are willing to challenge yourself. If you’re prepared to go the distance (and even get a little creative), the WOSS Attack Trainer can be used to achieve a full-body workout.

Special Features

  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • Exercise sheets
  • Versatile anchors capable of grappling with a variety of surfaces
  • Made in America
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TRX Suspension Training Kit

TRX is the one that started the suspension training revolution, at least in the mainstream’s eyes. And since their suspension trainer’s inception, they have implemented new innovations to enhance their self-contained full body workout solution.

Now, they’re also offering an exclusive TRX suspension trainer kit for those truly dedicated to their fitness goals. The trainer kit features TRX’s iconic suspension trainer equipment with its comfortable grips, durable bands and completely portable accessories.

Never use “traveling” as an excuse to miss your workouts again; the entire TRX trainer kit weighs only a few pounds and fits conveniently into its own bag. In addition to the equipment and carrying case, it also includes a colorful guidebook and even video sessions on DVD.

TRX Suspension Training Kit 2

And since you’ve got the videos, why not get the whole family involved? After all, families develop better by growing together. What better way to introduce fitness to children than by working out right alongside them?

And with the TRX’s versatility, there’s no shortage of fun, engaging workouts to keep kids and parents alike healthy and active.

Special Features

  • Easy to follow video guides
  • Design and bag conducive to portability
  • Workout app for your digital devices
  • Lightweight design
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GymStuff G Strap Pro

Convenience is a central component of the G-Strap’s design. It features enough connections to be properly anchored in virtually any environment. It also features an extension wrap for enhanced workouts.

Hand and foot loops ensure a full body workout, and Velcro holders keep you in control at all times. A wrench is even included to properly lock carabiners in place.

The G-Strap’s length is also adjustable and can be used by people of all shapes and sizes. Its adjustability and ease of use also ensure a great workout for users of all fitness levels. In other words, the G-Strap is among the best choices for beginners.

GymStuff G Strap Pro 2

Even better, it’s all topped off with a stylish design.

Special Features

  • Door wheel
  • Lightweight
  • ​Extensions
  • Carrying case
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Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline’s XT uses industrial strength components to bring new options and challenges to everyone, from beginners to seasoned body builders. For starters, the XT’s adjustability is phenomenal.

This is due to its split anchor design, which allows for a variety of motions when working out. As with most selections, trainers using the XT can utilize the inward movement that has become a tradition in the industry.

However, neutral positioning is also available, allowing users to exercise with a front-to-back motion. Then, there’s the wide angle, which allows us to spread our arms out for a new kind of challenge.

Additionally, the different workouts available with the XT can even help enhance proprioception! If you’re wondering what this means, think back to any martial arts themed movie in which a fighter is able to judge his or her surroundings even while blindfolded.

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT 2

That, in a pretty general nutshell, is proprioception. And yes, the routines available with the XT really can help enhance it naturally. How much, exactly? That depends on your dedication.

Special Features

  • Padded handles designed for easy cleaning
  • Door anchors specially designed to prevent scuffs
  • ​Links that allow straps to be connected or detached
  • Fitness routine wall poster
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Rip 60 Home Gym And Fitness DVDs

Okay, so you’ve read about the ease of utilizing home suspension trainers, and you've even seen a few that offer some workout tips. But, even now, you’re still looking for a little more. Some more hands-on, challenging, and proven effective.

Sound like you? If so, the 60 Home Gym DVD set just might be the right fit.

The rip: 60 home fitness DVD series was developed by some of the most prominent names UFC Fighter Georges St. Pierre and world-renowned fitness coach Jillian Michaels. In this series, you’ll learn the most effective workouts used by professional athletes...and they’ll be the ones teaching you!

The rip: 60 regimen follows an 8-week fitness plan designed to maximize calorie burning, muscle toning, and even cognitive athletic skill level. And don’t worry about motivation: the routines are actually fun, the music is catchy, and your trainers are pretty easy on the eyes. Needless to say, you’ll actually find yourself WANTING to work out!

Rip 60 Home Gym And Fitness DVDs 2

In addition to the DVDs, the rip: 60 set also features the same equipment used by your trainers. This includes the suspension straps themselves and comfortable grips for better workouts. They also include plenty of clamps designed to fit in virtually any setting.

And it’s all enhanced by a comprehensive meal plan and a wall chart to help track progress.

Special Features

  • Fun regimens led by celebrity athletes
  • Durable nylon travel case
  • ​Impressive weight limit of 300 lbs.
  • 3-month warranty
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Buyer’s Guide

So, what is the best suspension trainer? You may be a little tired of hearing this, but it’s an honest answer: it depends. But don’t worry, we’re providing this handy buyer’s guide to help you determine which option is best for you.

New to Suspension Trainers?

If you’re not sure where to start, we always recommend the most basic options. For example, the G-Strap Pro is one of our most affordable selections and offers some decent features for beginners. You may very well find that it’s the perfect match.

Suspension Trainer Reviews

Or, you may decide that you want something that offers more resistance, increased versatility, or even stronger endurance. That’s okay, as we all had to start somewhere. If you feel ready to upgrade, find someone else who can use your old one, or keep it as a backup!

Which Workout Best Suits You?

We get it: some people would rather purchase simple equipment because they want a simple workout. You have no desire to strain yourself regularly but would at least tone up a little while watching TV or getting some fresh air.

In this case, you can probably save a few bucks by purchasing a basic setup. And since suspension trainers feature an intuitive design, you probably won’t need a bunch of training materials.

However, some of us are in it for the challenge. We want to push ourselves, sweat and tear our muscles until they’re sore for hours. No pain, no gain, right? We love the challenge, and we want to dispel any manufacturer’s claim that their suspension trainers will never break under “normal” use.

Obviously, durability will be vital for you, so consider equipment that features military-grade construction. Also, ensure that it offers enough locking carabiners or other gripping utility (sturdy enough to hold your weight) to connect with whatever surfaces you have available.

On the Road?

Do you travel frequently? One of the reasons suspension trainers have become so popular is because they are essentially mobile gyms. They are carefully designed to build strength and endurance in virtually all muscle groups.

Best Suspension Trainer

As for cardio, you can easily find a place to run pretty much anywhere you go. So for the nomads out there, you’ll find that a few suspension trainer solutions are specifically designed with frequent travelers in mind. And we promise you’ll never miss your gym membership.


We get it: motivation is the hardest aspect of a successful fitness regimen. That’s why we love suspension trainers. They’re compact and can fit virtually anywhere. This includes the area right in front of your TV, where you can enjoy a favorite movie or series while working out.

Of course, you can also choose to watch many of the videos mentioned here. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or bulk up. Either way, we feel confident that the best suspension trainer is the one that keeps you motivated for the long run.

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