What’s the Best-Rated Power Tower?

Best Rated Power Tower Reviews

All-in-one: it’s the new mantra of our modern society. We’ve combined all our electronics into smartphones. We’re increasingly turning to single businesses for various specialized services. And, we’re consistently seeking to fulfill all of our fitness goals with one single, easy to use setup.

Which brings us to Power Towers. Although they’ve been around for a while, power towers are seeing an increase in popularity, especially among home users – and it’s easy to understand why.

They provide a workout for virtually all upper body muscle groups in one single, intuitive stand. Even better, they hardly take up more space than a treadmill. There are a few options to choose from, which is why we’d like to get started with a few reviews of the best-rated power towers.

Top-Rated Power Towers - Comparison Table

Best Power Tower Reviews

1. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The Stamina 1690 offers a pretty solid start to in-home upper body workouts. At less than $100, it offers all sorts of rods, handles, and pedals for a variety of workout routines. From the top: a pull-up bar offer foam grips along the middle and side.

Two raised bars on each side of the midsection provide a great workout for triceps. At the bottom, there’s even a bar for push-ups. All handles are easily marked with comfortable padding.

Whether it’s used in a home gym or living room, the Stamina 1690 is built for durability and convenience. It replaces many weight-lifting machines with a single compact enough to fit in any room. It also sports a sturdy steel construction for years of uncompromised use.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower 1

Special Features

  • Ergonomic design and handles
  • Slip-resistant
  • ​Steel frame
  • Multiple workout stations in a single unit
Body Champ Power Tower

The Body Champ truly offers a full-body workout system in one compact unit. How so? The knee raise station forces you to engage your core by lifting your legs, all while using your arms to suspend yourself.

In other words, this seemingly simple feature builds strength and endurance while toning the upper and even lower body. It also forces the body to work and synchronize with itself, further enhancing athletic aptitude.

And to think, that’s just the beginning. The Body Champ’s base features its very own extensions for a variety of workouts. If you can’t quite reach the knee raise station on your own, its integrated slip-resistant steps will help.

Connected to these steps is the power tower’s very own dip station, perfectly designed for substantial muscle development. On the other side of the base, push-up bars help with – you guessed it – effective push-ups for chest and arm toning.

Body Champ Power Tower 1

If you look closely, you’ll notice the Body Champ’s shape resembles a D. This innovative design significantly enhances stability and durability. It accomplishes this while also remaining space conscious. And, honestly, it’s not too bad on the eyes either.

Special Features

  • Comfortable seat back and padding
  • Unparalleled stability
  • Perfect addition to the home or gym
  • Several workout attachments in one compact design
XMark Fitness XM 4446 Power Tower

For particularly conservative spatial needs, XMark’s Fitness Power Tower hits the mark. It features a narrow design that still packs all of the necessities with a smaller footprint. Like most Power Towers, it features a pull-up bar.

It extends beyond the width of the XMark’s frame, so you can still choose your preferred reach when working out. It also features a knee raise station for killer ab workouts. However, due to its narrow design, this particular station is probably best for those who are already in semi-decent shape – or those who want a visual goal to drive their weight loss efforts.

Although the XMark was built to challenge, it’s also designed for comfort. All handles and rest pads feature plush foam padding. They are also designed ergonomically, working with your body as it builds and tones a variety of muscle groups.

Additionally, a special coating throughout prevents dangerous slips and falls.

Special Features

  • Small footprint design
  • Comfortable pads
  • ​Ergonomic design
  • ​Tear-resistant stitching
  • Skid and slip-resistant pedals keep the tower still without damaging your floor

4. ProGear 275 Extended Weight Capacity Power Tower Fitness Station

ProGear 275 Extended Weight Capacity Power Tower Fitness Station

The ProGear 275 strays slightly from the traditional power tower design in that it doesn’t have a pull bar. Rather, it features handles that you can use to achieve the same results while keeping its overall footprint low.

This provides more flexibility on the width and angle of your pull-ups, as the handles’ positioning can be adjusted.

It still offers a few typical features. A leg raise station provides comfortable padding and handles for an effective ab workout. A step pedal helps users of all heights reach it. The extended bars from the leg raise also serve as a dip station for toned triceps.

ProGear 275 Extended Weight Capacity Power Tower Fitness Station 1

Push-up bars located near the base are also built for comfort and efficacy. And, of course, it’s all included in the typical space conscious design.

Special Features

  • 2-inch cushions throughout
  • Step support
  • ​Supports users weighing up to 275 lbs.
  • Enhanced stability – even for the more clumsy of users

5. Bowflex BodyTower

Bowflex BodyTower

I think it’s fair to say that we all know Bowflex for their extravagant fitness machines. So, it’s no surprise that their version of a body tower features some surprising additions not found on most others.

In fact, the company claims to triple the number of available exercises compared to other towers. But how do those claims stack up?

First, the Bowflex does offer the same features that we’ve come to expect from the best power towers. A pull-up bar helps develop upper body muscles, while the leg raise station focuses on the abdomen.

This station’s arms also extend further to also serve as a dip station. And with it, you can even do low-hanging pull-ups.

But then, it offers a few surprises of its own. We didn’t mention push-up pedals because Bowflex instead uses straps that you can use to pull yourself up while positioned in a sort of upside-down push-up manner.

Bowflex BodyTower

The straps can be positioned in the lower or upper parts of the tower, allowing you to get creative with some of your custom workouts. It’s also great for muscle confusion. And while the price will set you back a little more than most power tower, it’s still much more affordable than most of Bowflex’s other offerings.

Special Features

  • Straps attachments offer customizable workouts
  • Accommodates users weighing up to 300 lbs.
  • ​The leg lift and dip bars are fully adjustable.
  • Includes a guide offering workout tips and routines.

Buyer's Guide

Spatial Needs

Power towers were largely designed to take up as little space as possible, but they still require some space (though some more than others). When determining whether it will fit in your home, consider how much space you could devote to a new love seat.

Best Towerpower Reviews

On average, that’s about how much floor space a power tower will need. As for height, think of it as a tall NBA player. If Shaq could walk into your home and stand up straight, you should be good to go.

Additional Accessories

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “If I can just make myself walk into the gym, I’m good”? For many of us, we have to get our brains into the workout mindset. And once we’re there, we kind of have to stick around for it to remain.

Tower Power Reviews

Now, consider this with your power tower. If you decide to walk away just for a moment to wipe away sweat or grab a drink of water, what are the odds that you’ll become too relaxed to keep going?

If this is a potential problem, we recommend a small table or tray nearby. On it, keep some water, a towel and maybe even a couple of protein bars. The point here is to gather everything you could need so that you can stay in place until you’re actually ready to stop.

Your Height

As we’ve mentioned, power towers are pretty tall. However, we wouldn’t want that to deter your regimen. Many of the best-rated power towers we have discussed here offer step up supporters.

This is great if the tower is a bit tall for you or if you suffer from specific lower body ailments. However, not all towers have it, and they come in different shapes and sizes. So, consider the tower’s height and whether the included pedal(s) are sufficient for you.

Do You Really Need All Extensions?

Best Tower Power

Some people solidly prefer to develop their abs through crunches. Others will only perform push-ups the traditional way. The point is, if you’re willing to forego certain extensions, you may be able to save money.

For example, the only tower in our list to lack a leg raise station is also the most affordable. Consider your fitness needs and what you already have available, then determine which power tower extensions you may or may not need.

That way, you’ll only pay for the equipment that you’ll actually use.

Final Thoughts

In the fitness realm, it’s hard to find a better mix of convenience and efficacy than what the best-rated power towers mentioned here offer. With a little creativity, they can be used to exercise nearly every muscle group in the body.

They’re also far more affordable than most fitness machines. Even better, they can be placed right in front of your TV, on the back porch, or pretty much anywhere else you choose.

Just take a few simple considerations to heart, and you’ll be on the way to a healthier, more toned body in no time!

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