What is the Best Pilates Workout DVD?

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Do you consider yourself a workout buff trying to find new and exciting challenges? A body molding guru looking for more ways to look the way you want? Or are you just starting out and figured, “Why not try Pilates first and see where it takes me!” No matter the reason, I can get you the information you need on this highly rewarding, workout activity!

Check out this short animated video on the history of Pilates:

Trust me, I know there are a ton of options out there, and I can just hear you asking me, “What is the best Pilates DVD for beginners?” And, “Is there such a thing as the ‘top Pilates workout DVD’?” I can answer with 100% conviction, YES!

In this article, I will go over what I believe are the five top Pilates DVDs and what exactly you get with each of these fantastic choices.

Top-Rated Pilates DVDs – Comparison Table

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Best Pilates DVDs Reviews

1. PiYo by Beachbody

Treadmills and stationary bikes aren’t the only accessories used to keep fit. Some consumers prefer to shake and grove their bodies to the stylistic movements of aerobics, yoga, and pilates. Anyone looking for this type of workout should definitely consider the PiYo by Beachbody DVD.

A big reason for its fond acceptance is that it combines all the benefits of muscle-building and core-strengthening with the added flexibility of yoga. This results in effective weight-loss within a limited amount of time. Anyone looking for a high-intensity full body workout routine must consider taking part in this.

The PiYo by Beachbody DVD comes with ten pre-installed routines that are incredibly easy to follow, even for beginners. An eating plan and tape measure have also been added as a bonus to help you better monitor your progress.

At the end of it all, the producers behind PiYo by Beachbody really only have your best interests in mind. Staying fit and keeping healthy is not an easy journey to take, but it’s made so much easier with a pilates DVD review like this.

Special Features

  • Requires very little equipment – just you and your enthusiasm
  • Proven weight-loss results from clients all over the world
  • Designed to build your energy level so that your body isn’t overwhelmed
  • Comes with FREE 14-day trial access to online fitness videos on their site
  • The training it provides is holistic

2. 10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body

For those of you who already know the basics and don’t exactly have the time to go through those standard 30-minutes-to-an-hour sessions have I got a great option for you!

“10 Minute Solution: Pilates Perfect Body” is the top Pilates video for those short on time who don’t want to give up their awesome body! The best part about this video is that there are five quick (yes, only 10 minutes) and rewarding workouts, and they are separated by body parts.

If you are already happy with your arms, belly, buns, and thighs then there are two other options. They focus on keeping everything toned, and they help with your posture, which helps you to look more confident in your everyday life.

A word of caution for any of you wanting to give this a go: It is one of the most fast-paced of them all (since you do have to get a full workout in such a short amount of time) and requires you to know the basics. I would not suggest trying this if you are still learning the fundamentals of Pilates.

3. Denise Austin: Hit the Spot Pilates

Ok so let’s say you’ve been hitting Pilates hard, and you are doing great in every area except your buns. Or maybe it’s your hips, waistline, or abs?

Denise Austin has seven amazing and powerful sections that go over those problem issues, along with power abs, the core, and her own Pilates challenge. The first time I tried this, I was only on an intermediate level.

The core was easy enough. The other sections kicked my buns.

This video is definitely for the more advanced. Since I started, I finished it so I can tell you it’s going to hurt, but if you tend to like things overly challenging at first, then this is for you, you might never need another video once you get this one into your collection!

4. Trim, Tighten and Tone

I believe that Trim, Tighten and Tone is the top Pilates DVD for toning and losing weight. It is ideal for all you beginners and even more fun for those like me that are a little more advanced in the art of Pilates.

I say this because both Pilates instructors are in every session. The primary instructor is doing the more advanced form of the workout, and the “sidekick” of the session is doing the basic form. Another great reason for this being the best is the diversity of the sessions and the attitude of the instructors.

These two instructors use a lethal combination of cardio and Pilates that is second to none and will get you where you need to go, and fast.

5. Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners

Let’s go over what I believe to be one of the best Pilates DVDs for beginners.

I would recommend “Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners” hands down. Besides the stunning location in which the video was filmed, you get to enjoy slowly going through every basic Pilates move while listening to the background noise that is the ocean while doing so.

Not only do they teach you these must know for a beginner but they make sure you work for your desired body. The workouts may seem easy but rest assured, go through an entire session, and you will feel the work you did and feel great for doing it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you looked at each Pilates DVD review and you’ve learned a bit about each product. So now you have no excuse, there is no way out this time. Each of these amazing videos can get you where you need to go. You just need to do what I did and muster the will to make it work.

I know that statement was way harder than that just sounded! Whether you’re a single gal or married with kids, just married or just have kids, always busy or just simply don’t know where to start, there is always a great way to get an amazing workout using Pilates.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and buy these videos, and I promise you won’t regret it.

If you decide that Pilates isn’t you thing, you can always try some of our preferred yoga DVDs to get your workout on at home.

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