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Inflatable exercise balls: they are round, soft, and usually quite colorful. They are a great way to strengthen core muscles and improve your balance through low-impact exercise.

Exercise balls are excellent for fitness beginners, those requiring physical rehab, yoga enthusiasts, or pretty much anyone looking to add to their home fitness regime.

With a wide range of uses and products available, we have to ask, what should we look for in the best exercise ball? No single body, fitness goal, or product is the same, and the variety of exercise balls on the market reflects that.

Here are the top five stability, exercise, and yoga ball products that money can buy.

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SmarterLife Products SmartSport Premium Exercise Ball

Looking for the best fitness ball on the market? Well, SmarterLife Products has you covered no matter how you measure it. Their exercise balls come in three sizes to accommodate all heights and ages.

They are made from environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, free of latex and phthalates. And you can get a smooth start to toning core muscles, improving balance, and losing weight with SmartSport's exclusive Top 10 Exercises You Can Do Today guidebook, included with every purchase.

SmarterLife Products are so sure that theirs is the best exercise ball on the market they back it up with a no questions asked money back guarantee!

DYNAPRO® Exercise Ball

If you are like me, then durability is a significant factor when deciding what piece of equipment you are going to be throwing your weight around on, and DynaPro has our concerns in mind.

Not only are their exercise balls made to resist 2,000 lbs. of pressure, but they are also made of a unique non-slip material so that even if you put a metric ton of pressure on the ball, you won't have to worry about it going anywhere! Check out this free DynaPro fitness ball workout:

DynaPro is convinced they have the best fitness ball in the business, guaranteeing the highest quality product with 5-star customer service and a full refund if you are still not satisfied.

Superior Fitness Exercise Ball

If you are seeking more than just a simple yoga ball, Superior Fitness provides one of the best stability balls on the market, with a ton of extras to help you get the most out of their product.

Talk about an all-in-one purchase: you can take your fitness routine to the next level with the included stability ring, resistance bands, and exercise guide poster with over 100 low-impact exercises.

Built for quality and comfort, this ball comes with 600 lbs. resistance and is perfect for use at home, the gym, or in the office. Considering the included products, Superior Fitness provides one of the best exercise balls money can buy.

Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

Specialty design, durability, and variability give Black Mountain a convincing claim of having the best stability ball. Want a low-impact way to strengthen your core, improve your balance, and enhance your agility?

Black Mountain enlisted top-notch fitness experts to bring you all of that and more. Able to withstand up to 2,000 lbs. of resistance and available in five sizes and four colors, these premium exercise balls are also backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Get the most out of the best stability ball on the market. Each comes with a commentary exercise guide to get you started.

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

The Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit is just that: the total package! You get one of the best balance ball programs on the market when you take home Gaiam's balance ball kit, designed for all body types, sizes, and fitness levels.

You will be able to begin the journey to a stronger core, better balance, and a toned physique with the included 105-minute whole-body workout DVD. Yoga and fitness instructor Tanja Djelevic will work your entire body with Pilates, yoga, and strength training.

With this program, Gaiam's Total Body Balance Ball Kit brings you the best yoga ball money can buy.

Final Thoughts

Which one of these products is best for you will be determined by your own unique goals and situation. Looking for a product that comes with a fitness, yoga, muscle stability, or balance program to get you started? These products have you covered.

Want a durable exercise ball that will take all the stress and punishment you can give it? You can find that here too.

Whether you are short, tall, or somewhere in between, looking for a product for the whole family, or seeking just a replacement for your pain-in-the-back office chair, there is an exercise ball that meets your needs.

Each of these companies is working to make the best exercise ball. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you!

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