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You decided to purchase a balance board so you can improve your lifestyle and become healthier, but you are wondering which balance board is best. If that sounds like you, then you are definitely in the right place.

Today I am going to help you find the best balance board currently on the market for your needs. But first, you are going to need to know some basic features and benefits of the best balance boards.

Balance boards can be found in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are generally rectangular shaped boards that come with a roller. There are also wobble boards, which are usually circular.

These balance boards have some fantastic benefits. You will gain strength in your core which will improve your posture and strengthen your abs. You will also develop better balance and rejuvenate your joints. Not to mention balance boards are incredibly fun for people of all ages.

Top-Rated Balance Boards - Comparison Table

Best Balance Board Reviews

Indo Board Balance Board Original with Roller

Indo Board Balance Board

The Indo balance board is a very high-quality roller board proven by its use since 1998 by professional athletes all over the world. This board is often used to improve balance for certain sports, like surfing and snowboarding.

It was designed to be easy to use by everyone, so the board has a graphic to make it easier to place your feet. The board is sturdy and comes in 8 different color designs. The Indo Board comes with a sturdy wooden board, a plastic roller, and an instructional DVD.

You can also purchase the Indo Board IndoFLO Cushion which will provide a 360 degree of instability as opposed to the roller. The board is 30x18x3” while the diameter of the roller is 6.5”.

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board Training System

Revolution FIT 3 In 1 Balance Board Training System

The Revolution FIT 3-in1 Balance Board is very versatile. You can bring your own workout routine and incorporate it with this amazing board. It will significantly increase the difficulty of your regular workout and improve your reflexes, stability, core muscles, and balance.

This board will also add some diversity and fun to your existing workout. You can incorporate dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls to present even more of a challenge.

The best feature of this roller board is that it comes with three different bases, so you can constantly adjust difficulty levels. The balance board comes with a rocker, roller, and wobble cushion base.

You have three boards in 1 (hence the name, duh)! The Revolution FIT 3-in-1 is a very high-quality and high-performance board made from quality materials in the USA. The board is made of strong, sturdy hardwood and comes in 2 colors.

On top of the board is a Dura-Soft grip which makes the Revolution FIT a very comfortable board, with or without shoes. The max weight limit is 350lbs. The board's dimensions are 32x14”.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

The Revolution 101 Balance Board is another high-quality roller board from the brand Revolution.

This is a great board for beginners because there are roller stops incorporated underneath the board that will keep you in control.

It is the perfect size to be used anywhere, inside or outside. The board can even be used to train for sports like snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and skateboarding. The top has a soft foam grip so that it is comfortable with or without shoes. It also comes in 3 different colors.

This board’s dimensions are 30x11.5". The roller is 4.5” and is poly-wrapped which lets it be very smooth and spin in any direction. The max weight limit is 300lbs.

Reebok Balance Board

Reebok Balance Board

The Reebok Balance Board comes from a company well-known for its high-quality sports and lifestyle products. That continues with this new lightweight wobble board. It is made of plastic and has a textured non-slip surface. It definitely is more comfortable with shoes.

When you purchase this board, it will come with an exercise guide to help you learn how to best incorporate your current workouts. The Reebok Balance Board works very well with calisthenics and is lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere.

The max weight limit is 300lbs.

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

This is another exceptional wobble board, comparable to the Reebok Balance Board. It is also the cheapest on this list. You will want to wear shoes with this product due to its non-slip safety grip on top.

A great feature with this product is that it will come with free access to an online workout program made explicitly for this board. This balance board is made out of solid wood and is very lightweight so you can take it with you anywhere.

The board's dimensions are 15.5x3.1”, and it comes in 3 different colors. The max weight limit is set at 330lbs.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer 2

Buyers Guide

You want to improve your balance and have fun while doing it, so you asked yourself which is the best balance board on the market. Before buying, there are a few things you need to know before spending your hard-earned money, and I am going to help you with that.

Types of Balance Boards

There are three kinds of balance boards on the market. They are the wobble boards, roller boards, and rocker boards.

Wobble Boards

Reebok Balance Board Bg

Wobble boards typically have a semi-circular roller that is fixed to the board. This allows the board to pivot in all directions while you are mounted. That means you are going to be going forward and backward, left and right, and anywhere in between.

You will be trying to maintain balance in 360 degrees. Standing on a wobble board will exercise a greater amount of muscles than other types of balance boards.

Roller Boards

Rollerboards add a higher degree of instability than the other boards which makes them much more challenging. Instead of being on a fixed pivot, like the wobble board, a roller board is placed on a separate cylinder. You will usually only be going left and right, but you have a higher chance of the board shooting out from underneath you, so be careful! This type of board is excellent for practicing various board sports.

Rocker Boards

These boards are the most basic and least challenging of all balance boards, which makes them perfect for beginners. They only offer one type of movement - side to side. These are great for rehabilitation after an injury or for a senior seeking to stay fit.

Revolution FIT 3 In 1 Balance Board Training System Bg

Which Is Right for You?

One more thing you have to consider when purchasing your balance board is what are you looking to improve. Are you already an accomplished athlete looking to build even more balance and stability to enhance in your favorite sport?

Then I would recommend purchasing a wobble board. Or are you someone who loves board sports like snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding? Go for a roller board.

Maybe you just want to improve your core strength and posture in your everyday life, and have tons of fun while doing it. You should start with a rocker board.

Once you master the rocker board, you should choose either wobble or roller boards depending on your level of comfort.

Final Thoughts

With my list of the best balance boards on the market, you will be able to make an informed decision on which board you should buy. Balance boards have been used for decades by high-level athletes and have recently been embraced by the general fitness community.

Now that it is mainstream and you know the benefits, what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy a board!

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