What Is the Best Ab Roller Wheel to Buy?

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Building a strong core is the key to fitness – it improves your posture, helps you complete your workout more efficiently, and reduces the risk of injury. To achieve this goal, many are in pursuit of the best ab wheel to improve their abdominal muscles.

This product, also known as the ab roller, consists of a basic wheel and two side handles. When you use it, your core moves forward, and your whole body stays very low, preventing your back from arching and keeping your workout safe and effective.

All ab wheel rollout exercises essentially also tackle your triceps, shoulders, and hips. And we’re going to review some of the best ab rollers available out there for you. It's an essential part of your home gym.

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Best Ab Roller Reviews

1.Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro

Because doing these rollout exercises is not that easy, the Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro’s grips on the handles, made of combined hard plastic and soft rubber, serve to prevent any slipping and ensure smooth rolling.

When it reaches your address, the product is already assembled and ready to use, which is a time saver. It is also very light overall, yet its dual wheels can endure up to 300 pounds of weight. What this means is it won’t feel like it’s something too hard to roll out, but it will still leave you sore the next day.

You can use this ab roller on both carpets and hardwood floors with no fear of injuries. What’s more, you will also be provided with a link to a series of “how to” videos on the company’s website, to ensure that even the first time users have a safe experience with this device.

The ab wheel on this one is much larger and wider, and the handles are much shorter, making the product look somewhat different when compared to others. What are its advantages?

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro relies on a kinetic engine, aimed to resist you when you are rolling out and make you work against your own body strength. It also helps you to roll back easily so that you can avoid injuring your back.

Because its wheel is extra wide, it’s meant to be much better at letting you roll to the sides and work your obliques, too. The whole package includes some extra treats, like a super useful foam knee pads that, considering how much time you will spend on your knees while rolling, could be game changers.

The company offers a 3-week workout plan designed explicitly for the Ab Carver Pro, to help you get great results in record time.

Valeo’s single wheel is light — it weighs merely 1 pound, which makes it rather portable. The product is composed of two non-skid wheels, put together to look like one large but quite thin wheel, and two handles.

The wheels come in two bright colors — red or yellow — and offer good stability of your entire body, effectively working your arms and back in addition to the core. The handles are made of plastic, which is why they might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning.

The fitness equipment is extremely easy to assemble, and it is very durable. You can use it on any surface as often as you want, and there will be no damage to the ab roller wheels, or to your floor. The product arrives with a brief fitness guide and many photos showing how to use the ab wheel properly, but you can always look up additional videos online.

Iron Gym makes one of the most affordable and best ab wheels out there. The product, which looks like a mini tire, has a unique design, consisting of a small but wide wheel and two flexible handles on the side.

So, similarly to Perfect Fitness’ product, this one has a steel coil inside, which guarantees your moves will be controlled and you won’t arch your back when you roll back. The handles are rubberized, so no hand pain should be involved.

Due to the fantastic resistance the ab roller offers both as you roll out and roll in, it can be used on any surface without any fear of slipping. It is made so it maximizes the stability of your body. You can expect to not only strengthen your body but also tone it.

Since the handles can be moved to the sides with ease, make sure all your core workout moves are controlled throughout the routine to avoid wrist injury.

P90X made a device that looks a lot different from other products reviewed above. In addition to a large, thin wheel and two hand grips on the side, this product also includes two pedals on each side of the wheel.

Basically, this advanced fitness equipment aims to target not only your upper body, but also your lower body throughout the rollout routine. Due to the added pedals, the hand grips are further apart from the wheel, which is quite thin, and this makes balancing a bit harder.

The real benefit of this product is the fact that you can place your feet right next to the wheel, secure them with foot straps, and roll out and back in, either putting your hands on the floor, or lying down on your back.

The variety of exercises you can do is much greater, so an excellent total body workout is guaranteed with this small, although a bit heavier, device.

Final Thoughts

This video from Instant Knockout shows how to use an ab wheel properly:

While all ab wheels seem to be doing the same thing, any minor but important differences in the quality of these different products are made mostly on the basis of how comfortable the hand grips are, how durable the product is, and whether it damages the surface it is used on.

Other decisive factors might be personal preferences, like the weight of the ab wheel, or if it comes fully assembled or not. What’s important is that there are plenty of good products available, one of which will surely provide you with your ideal ab rollout experience. Make sure you have some good knee pads, and get those abs rolling!

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